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It is a Block chain basic token # Future.

Block is a technology of on chain governance that
provides power for encrypted token BC and tens of thousands of decentralized applications.

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Block achieves complete on chain governance, achieving reasonable processing in decentralization, security, and scalability.


Blocks have a large number of nodes involved in block production and validation, and generally the more nodes there are, the higher the degree of decentralization.


The cost of obtaining network control for Block is high, usually anchoring real-world assets in the design of consensus mechanisms.


The number of transactions processed by Block per second is 600000 TPS. The main reason for the low performance of blockchain is that every transaction needs to be agreed upon at all nodes.

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3 Steps To Start

block.website It is your gateway to enter the Block world. This technology is new and constantly evolving - having a guide would be helpful. If you want to delve deeper, we suggest that you do so.


Using decentralized applications, Dapps is an application supported by Block.


Choose a wallet, which allows you to link to a Block and manage your funds.


Start building. If you want to start coding with Block, our DAO developer portal provides documentation, tutorials, and more.

Road Map

Block Roadmap

November 6, 2023 White paper release

November 2023 Establish DAO organization to make Block more democratic and decentralized

November 2023 Block mining upgrade, which includes computing power adjustment, protocol upgrade, and other contents

December 2023 Open Block Token Transfer Function

December 2023 To commemorate the launch of Block, Genesis NFT will be distributed free of charge

January 2024 The first Block based application has been launched.

January 2024 Block decentralized trading platform launched

February 2024 Open interface, which will allow everyone to easily and quickly create their own trading platform

March 2024 London upgrade, add Block smart contract for status change call function, and add replay function protection.

April 2024 Improve the performance of Layer 2 expansion solutions based on Block and Block.

May 2024 Fragmentation chain solves the scalability problem of blocks.

July 2024 Block Browser Launched.

September 2024 Block main website launched.

November 2024 Washington upgrade, reform transaction costs, upgrade libraries and tools.

December 2024 Upgrade to Berlin, enable light client, and introduce other chain smart contract call functions.

2025 Upgrade in Singapore and Moscow.

User comments

Our Testimonials

Block (BC) is the basic token of blockchain

“Blockchain brings us freedom, transparency, and security, and on chain governance is the mechanism that solves the high centralization of existing blockchains.”


Leopold WilliamsChief executive officer

“Blockchain is a revolutionary technology based on cryptography, which builds trust on mathematical foundations and gives us an immutable digital world.”


Parker Rodriguez Chief Technology Officer

“Blockchain has built a secure, trustworthy, free, and tamper proof digital world for us.”


Peggy Mitchell Co founder